Older and Wiser…..Not always!

Oh I was so excited about finally getting my blog out and thought that I can relax for a week.  Well my daughter said no………… I need to write at least once a day if anyone is going to be interested in reading my blog.  Must have really worn her ear out…. love you 🙂  Obviously I made a good choice in selecting her as one of my counsellors’, although it’s a shame she is not one of my imaginary Counsellors!

Recently I have been running around helping my elderly family, if it’s not my parents then my Uncle and Aunty ……. they think that I have all the time in the world just to tend to their wishes.  I guess its payback time for raising me.  I will have to remember that one, when I am elderly, for my kids 🙂  I know my kids think I am already there……not quite!  But really that’s what families do; they support each other and that is a good thing, makes one feel secure that if you get into trouble there will always be, someone to rescue you.

You know the old saying, the older you get the wiser you get!……well that is not always true.  My 86 year old Uncle has been disputing with his neighbour (also elderly) over the garden.  Not sure of all the details and I know that there are two sides to every story, however the neighbour always cuts the grass on the nature strip, the bit of turf next to the road, a foot short (for the generation Y readers, it’s 25cm) of the property boundary.  Now he does that to annoy my Uncle for sure and my Uncle only cuts the grass to the boundary.  So they have this foot wide strip of grass between the properties that is uncut and with the recent rains that grass strip is long and wild. 

Anyway my Uncle ran into the neighbour on the footpath outside his house a few weeks ago and allegedly the neighbour pushed him.  Just a push and that’s all, but for an 86 year old the balance is not terrific and the bones are a little brittle and as such my Uncle ended up in hospital with a broken femur.  Now he has a steel rod in his thigh bone, still in hospital and I am running around taking Aunty to hospital to visit him.  Of course, I have nothing better to do with my time.  And this is all over the foot wide bit of turf!  All I can say is WHY!!!!!!  Is all that aggravation worth it in the end?

Anyway I have decided to fix their little problem over this bit of turf and pour some weed killer on it.  No grass, no problem and hopefully there will be peace for a while.

Until next time,

Laugh, Love & Live!



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