Patience ………

I have come up with a third member for my imaginary Counsellors, which I have listed on a page on my blog.  Mahatma Gandhi – The virtue that I want to instil and inspire me is his ideology of passive resistance for change, which I admired, but most of all I want his patience. 

Although I consider myself as a very patient person, the reality is that I’m not! …….. and have over the years employed a mechanism to deal with my impatience.  And that is, whenever something that I am doing comes to a halt and have to wait, my impatience drives me to start something else to keep me occupied.  Now, not one to just sit idly and do nothing, which is a good virtue in itself, I sometimes start too many things at once.

As when…… many years ago!  It wasn’t enough that I was working a 10 hour day on a project, had three young children to raise, I started too many little projects of my own.   I guess I started them while I was in between jobs like I am now and had time to burn.  Well, my little projects that were stalled were all coming into fruition all at the same time and I was running around like a headless chook, while I was working a 10 hour day and running around kids and family.  Good old Kevin, a colleague on the job, I used to burn his ear out with my problems.  He used to always tell me “tell someone who cares” and I used to respond “no one cares, so get used to it” and we’d laugh.  Anyway at the time I remember wishing for a heart attack or a nervous breakdown so I could get off this merry-go-round and get some rest …. in hospital.  LOL!

Well I think that I am doing it again…………definitely need to learn patience!

Until next time,

Laugh, Love & Live!



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