Waiting for the universe to get back to me!

Sometimes in life it seems like, not just the world, but the universe has turned its back on you.  Nothing seems to go right and one is constantly forced to tackle challenges and obstacle to get through life.  Lucky I am the eternal optimist!  I believe that these are just lessons in life.  They say that if you don’t learn your lesson the first time, the challenges and obstacles return until you learn the lesson the universe has set before you.  Sadly I don’t think that I had learnt my lesson the first time……so here I go again 🙂

A while ago I had read a book called ‘The Secret History of the World’ by Jonathan Black.  The book is about esoteric codes and beliefs of the secret societies, and the secret history of evolution that they veil, on the same premise as Dan Brown’s book and the movie, ‘The Da Vinci Code’.  I guess, at one point we all start searching for answers for the ultimate questions of one’s existence.  And let’s face it, these days we are all intrigued with secrets and conspiracy theories.  But are these books just fiction, flights of fantasy or maybe a different perspective on history?

In the book, Jonathan Black touches on the subject of the human consciousness evolving through different stages and the shift of consciousness from idealism to materialism.  Maybe that’s where we are, in the midst of the materialistic consciousness.  Or maybe, we are on the door step of a new consciousness, the consciousness of ‘Thought’, as mentioned in the book.

Let’s face it, science doesn’t give us all the answers, we have the big bang theory, but what’s beyond the big bang and the universe?  The main stream Christian religions are still preaching to the masses that after death our souls go to heaven or hell.  Would it not be crowded in both heaven and hell these days?  Unless you are a Hindu, then you believe in reincarnation….. It solves the problem!

 You can notice this shift in consciousness, by the type of books and movies that are coming out these days; like the Matrix , The Da Vinci Code and the current TV series ‘Fringe’, just to mention a few.  They challenge our beliefs and encourage us to ponder, what reality is and the meaning of our existence!  I remember as a child I used to look at the sky (before pollution and so forth), and wonder if, in the scheme of things, could we just be ants in an ant farm under some kids bed?

I know that the meaning of life will not be unravelled in my life time.  But as they say……. it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that is most important!

Until next time,

Laugh, Love & Live!



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