WOW it’s been awhile!

Wow it’s been awhile since my last blog!

New job, new state!  Currently in sunny Brisbane, or should I say BrisVagas!  Originally coined by southerners like me to reflect the lack of night life in the city, however the city is changing with the influx of overseas students and the boom in the resource industry in Queensland…….. a nice escape from the impending cold of Melbourne  🙂 

Arriving in Brisbane, I was pleasantly surprised to see how the city has recovered from the devastating floods in January.  There is a lot of construction work around the place, but nothing to really indicate what the city endured during the floods.  Looks more like a growing and progressive city, which it is!

It just goes to show how resilient people are in times of adversity.  It is like that in life and I always say “If there is a will, there is a way!”

Anyway BrisVagas is just a stepping stone for me, induction and training only.  I am off to Gladstone to work and play!  I think I shall have to create my own play there!  LOL

Still it will be warm and better still……… I shall have time to blog! 

Until next time,

Laugh, Love & Live!



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