The joys of the internet!

Back home for a long Easter break, I decided that the house needed some tidying up, especially the garden.  The tribe are great at living in the house but alas not so great at maintenance.  Since I shall be working interstate and only back for short visits I decided that now is the time for a major garden overhaul!  This meant some pruning of large shrubs around the house.

Not one to do research on the topic of pruning normally, usually I just jump straight into it, however as I have the internet and I thought I should research when is the best time to prune.  Well my head is spinning……wrong time zone, wrong location, but I pretty much worked out that now is not the best time to prune.  Bugger!!!!  But I did find out that I can prune the Oleander now 🙂  …….which is the one that I wanted to prune the most, as it’s blocking my view of the city and overhanging the drive.

In my quest for knowledge on pruning I ran into this forum ‘The Tree World’.  Reading through the posts on pruning elms I ran into a gem of a post by ‘derwoodii’.  Assuming the querent Kay was a newbie to OZ, ‘derwoodii’ proceeded to give Kay a fabulous exposé on ……fast lessons about OZ…. WE ARE ONE ….   Nothing to do with pruning trees and definitely worth a read and a laugh!  The joys of the internet…’s just full of such gems!

Well I am off to prune my Oleander!!!

Until next time,

Laugh, Love & Live!



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