In my last blog I mentioned that I was off to prune my Oleander.  Well I have reclaimed my view…… shame I can’t do anything about the street light or the ugly university building that recently went up and claimed half my city view!

I under estimated the task at hand, which is not unusual for me.  You’d think I would learn by now!  But then again, if I knew that it would take me a couple of days to clear it, I might not have started it in the first place and then I would have missed out on my view, which I think is spectacular.  Should have snapped a pic with the hot air balloons!  Then again it was a bit foggy this morning and it would not have been a great shot.  Hot Air Balloon business is doing well in Melbourne; I see a minimum of 4 balloons almost each day.  There were 5 balloons out this morning that I could see.  It’s in my bucket list of things to do before I die 🙂

Now I have my view and the garden has benefited from the mulch.  And there was a lot of mulch; I could not believe how many branches there were.  Sadly the Oleander does not look so great at the moment.  Never mind it will bounce back, it always does.  It is a pretty hardy plant and pretty when it is in bloom……easily puts out a display for 4 months of the year.  My shrub, or should I say tree now,  is easily over 40 years old and still growing strong.

Off to find something else to do and there always is.  Oh the joys of home ownership. 

Until next time,

Laugh, Love & Live!



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