Oh WOW!….Kate and Will

I can’t say I am a royalist, but wasn’t the Royal Wedding of Catherine and William spectacular.  I was glued to the TV through the whole wedding broadcast.  A real fairy tale come true and every little girls dream, well maybe not every little girls.  You know what I mean.   Well I guess after a string of failed marriages within the royal family, they have moved into the 21st century and approve the second in line to the throne to marry for love and a commoner at that.  And in love they did look, in the very public and grand ceremony.

Catherine Middleton looked absolutely amazing in her wedding gown, which was modern, feminine and traditional at the same time with the full skirt and train; absolutely timeless elegance and well chosen by Catherine.  I assume a reflection of who she is and the kind of princess she will be.  Most likened her gown and styled elegance to Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco on her wedding day.

There is something to be said about men in uniform, no matter who it is, put them in a uniform and they always look dashing.  Prince William did not disappoint us in his red Irish Guards colonel uniform.  He was absolutely dashing and handsome in the red uniform, which contrasted beautifully with Kate’s ivory wedding gown.  They looked every bit like a young couple in love on their wedding day.  You could see by Kate’s reaction (Oh wow!) as she stepped out on the royal balcony at Buckingham Palace that she was taken aback by the massive gathering of well wishers to their union.

A massive estimated million people lined the procession route from Westminster Abbey and gathered outside Buckingham Palace and they say about 2 billion people tuned into the live broadcast, I know I did.  A very popular couple among the Brits and it seems the world.  I am sure the monarchy are viewing this union as a step into the 21st century and back in favour with the British public.

Long live William and Catherine! I hope that this royal couple will live happily ever after, just like a fairy tale 🙂

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